Bing Launches Twitter Social Search

Bing and Twitter announced a joint service of featuring Twitter real time tweets on Bing. The deal between twitter and bing will bridge heavy gap of previous Google Real time search where users from any part of the world can browse social tweets from twitter in real syndication form.

Google recently jumped in Social sphere by launching Google+ discontinued the long time social search deal with Twitter by announcing Plus will replace the feature however Bing tap the valuable opportunity confirmed a enormous deal with Twitter for displaying tweets on Bing Search Engine. Social media community strongly acknowledges the beta testing of Bing Social platform because after a delay of a month the external views of Twitter tweets have been axed into big numbers because of its service suspension from Google. Twitter by far now enjoying biggest market share and rapid growth in active micro blogging industry since the arrival of Google+ is expected to oppose Twitter through Plus crafty innovations. The million dollars sounds as a fresh breezy wind in social media because the expiry of Google and Twitter messed global users to remain updated in latest news, situation and information. Topsy a third party social tweets search engine enjoyed splendid time of rendering Twitter real time tweets in absence of any pioneer search.

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